The KFPC Vision

Strong families and engaged citizens through Christ

The KFPC Mission

To strengthen Kansas families by providing resources that defend and promote Christian values and equip citizens to positively impact their communities and the state.



What is Kansas Family Policy Council

Founded in 2008, the Kansas Family Policy Council is a statewide nonpartisan, nonprofit research, education and communications organization working to strengthen Kansas families.  KFPC is a non-profit organization with a 501 c-3 education arm called Kansas Family Policy Council which can accept tax-deductible donations.  There is also a 501 c-4 arm, Kansas Family Policy Council Action, which lobbies the legislature for family-friendly policies which can accept non-tax-deductible donations.  Working together, these components of KFPC work through informed, involved citizenship, community initiatives, and improved public policy to have a positive impact for Kansas families.




What is KFPC?

KFPC is a 501(c)3 organization providing excellent information and data relevant to today’s family.  Public policy changes every day.  It is often difficult to keep track of the impact it will have on families.  KFPC is here to educate and inform citizens about developments in the public policy arena as it relates to the family.  Part of that component of our mission is outreach to Kansans affected by changes in policy, but it also includes outreach to pastors and churches to help keep them informed as well.


At this time in our history, many of our traditional societal institutions are being impacted by public policy like no other time before.  It is important to have an advocate working to preserve families and marriage from destructive elements now present in our culture.  Kansas Family Policy Council stands strong to work with leaders to advocate and enact public policy that is helpful and supportive of families and traditional marriage.  Our vision is simple Strong Families and Engaged Citizens through Christ.



KFPC is actively engaged in the public policy arena to have an impact in strengthening families.  Our 501(c)4 component is dedicated to monitoring the public policy formation process.  Whether we are involved in the debate to defend traditional marriage or advocating for adoption, among other issues, our goal is excellent policy with a positive impact on families.  We regularly work with state and local leaders in pursuit of our goals.
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KFPC is here to help families and individuals sort through the noise and confusion that often accompanies public discourse.  We bring facts and issues surrounding cultural and legal changes; providing the information necessary to stay on top of issues that matter most. KFPC helps citizens to be active participants to impact change that upholds our shared values.

Prayer is always an important part of our work.  It all starts by seeking favor in all matters related to the family and the public policy that affects many aspects of our life.
Kansas Family Policy Council:
  • Chartered with a unique mission and purpose
  • Champions a Biblical worldview
  • Comprehensive in its multi-issue scope of operations including defense of marriage, religious liberties and education, among others
  • Equipped to educate and advocate statewide
Family policy is important to Kansans as we see more attempts to undermine and weaken the strength and foundation of our families every day. Whether we are busy defending the institution of marriage from attack by holding back destructive agendas or promoting religious liberty, among other issues; Kansas Family Policy Council is working to provide essential information Kansans need to make informed decisions.
Our aim is to help Kansas families approach public policy with an informed Biblical worldview that seeks to sustain and promote the values and core beliefs upon which this nation was founded.
In addition to consistently providing fact-based information, data and research; our strategy combines relevant information and the convenience of technology to make it easy to stay on top of vital cultural and governmental issues from one day to the next.  Families need the information and support KFPC provides to know about and impact both positive and negative forces affecting our traditional values and family structure.

Kansas Family Policy Council exists to serve and strengthen Kansas families by providing informative resources that empower citizens, churches, and state decision makers to positively impact their communities, state and nation.

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